Music is our inspiration

As musicians, we understand the need to richen our lives with it, and what better way to achieve that than by using the absolute finest instruments. We are here to bring you boutique guitars of the highest quality, for both professional and hobbyist guitarists alike.

Craft your dream Guitar

Designed and developed in Singapore, we are committed to building your dream guitar according to your exact specifications along with sought after options. Your lute will be tailored to match your style perfectly, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Our Master Luthier from West Java, Indonesia, has been professionally crafting guitars with incredible sound and high playability for fifteen years and counting, ensuring that you will have the exact experience you look for in every note you play. Imagine how good it would feel to hear your music coming out of a personally customized instrument!

Build to Perfection

EMIYA is a collection of finest boutique and crafted guitars, designed to bring rare experiences to your fingertips. Our guitars are meticulously crafted using the highest quality tone woods. Every step of the building process is handled with precision and care, resulting in instruments with elegant aesthetics and masterful precision.

Rock Your World

Let the language of music unite us. Driven by our passion for music, we in Emiya are motivated to produce top quality products for our fellow musicians such as yourself. We stand by our products and guarantee quality workmanship and materials. Ready to rock the world with us?