Born and bred in Singapore, Addy Rasidi sparked his interest in guitar at the age of 10 back in 1985.Within 2 years, he did his first guitar performance in school. At the age of 14 years old, his guitar performances at wedding functions made him embarked this passion on a serious pursuit. By the time he was 16 years old, back in 1991, Addy made his first recording as a guitarist and a songwriter with a Malaysian band–“Teacher’s Pet”. He had stayed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for over a year before returning to Singapore for National Service. After serving his National Service in the military band, Addy started his own band–“Cradle” in 1994.Cradle found great success in Malaysia, where Addy wrote, sang, played and produced songs which became big hits. After Cradle was disbanded, Addy took a break for a few years before he went solo. His fans, however, still recognized him after his band’s name and hence today, Addy Rasidi is well-known as Addy Cradle.


This award-winning rock guitarist is not only a singer, but also a songwriter, composer, producer, studio sessionist, teacher and also a music show host. Addy is well known for his clear, precise, melodic and blistering guitar shredding,In2003 after a long break from recording, he came out with a solo album RAHSIA that won him BEST NEW SOLO ARTISTE at APM 2004 Awards & BEST TOP LOCAL MALAY POPSONG (MENGAPA BERSUSTA) at 2006 COMPASS AWARDS for BEST COMPOSER AND LYRICIST. He produced his first guitar instrumental album–“Divine”, in 2008. It comprises of a collection of expressive rock blends with Asian ethnic music. Being his first solo album which he single-handedly composed, recorded and produced, it has won rave reviews in the media and from listeners. He went onto perform his first DIVINE Instrumental Concert at Esplanade Recital Studio to a sold-out crowd in 2009.In the same year, he has also hosted and recorded his own music show entitled “Musi Xpedisi Bersama Addy Cradle” which was aired regionally.In2017 Addy recorded and released his second instrumental album, entitled TRANSCENDENCE–LEGEND OF RYU WURI. This album comes with original songs and stories, all created and written by Addy. He is also a producer at his own home recording studio called–“Eden Inc”, where he does most of his work. As a sought-after session guitarist, Addy has collaborated with other established musicians.