Funky, Bluesy and definitely Rocking! Yat Hamzah, better known as Mellow Blues, is a Rock & Blues Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter from Singapore, influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. Mellow Blues performs “Live” as a solo acoustic act and has toured Vietnam, Thailand, and United Kingdom as well as in various venues across Singapore. Having released an album in January 2020, Mellow Blues plans to release a series of singles starting from November 2020.

Prior to going solo, Mellow Blues played for Reggae Remedy, Jamie One Drop and UiD. He was one of the backing guitarist in 2014 Suria’s Hari Raya TV show. During his time with Reggae Remedy, he had backed international reggae artist such as Ras Muhamad, Toke, Masia and Denny Frust. The notable highlight during his stint with UiD is that a drama series on local TV channel, Suria, used their song as the opening theme song. He played at Kuala Lumpur’s Reggae Festival with Jamie One Drop when he was in the band.

A big fan of custom guitars, Mellow Blues had collaborated with EMIYA with his very own design of the “Mellow Blues” archtop guitar series which will be his constant companion in delivering his music to the world!